November 4, 2017

It’s a good idea to perform basic annual heating system maintenance each fall to ensure your heating system is running efficiently. Basic maintenance can include each of the parts that makes up your heating system. These steps may differ slightly depending on whether you heat with gas or oil, and whether your system heats with air, water, or steam.

Getting warmer

All heating systems have a component that tells it when the house is cold and needs to be heated, That component is called a thermostat. The thermostat determines when the heater should come on by measuring the temperature of the air in the room, and it signals the system to turn on. Many modern thermostats are battery-powered, so be sure to replace your thermostat batteries when you replace your smoke detector batteries. If your thermostat seems to be getting more and more inaccurate, your trained heating system technicians at Adirondack Mechanical can help you choose a modern, easy-to-use thermostat. Some have night-setback features, and still others are WiFi-capable. And yes, we still have the basic ‘up-down, on-off’ thermostats, too! Give us a call and let us help you.

If your thermostat is on a wall where it is exposed to direct sunlight, it may sense the warmth from the sun and not allow the system to run. The same thing happens if a TV or lamp, or other heat-generating device, is placed near the thermostat. Be aware of locations of such things, and your room will be more comfortable.


If your home is in a city, chances are you heat with gas. Gas is a clean, quiet, and efficient energy source for heating. Whether you use a forced-air furnace, which uses a fan to blow warm air through ducts into the house; a hydronic system, which has pumps which circulate hot water through radiators or baseboard; or a steam system, which sends hot dry steam into cast iron radiators, gas systems are usually trouble free. Periodic service visits from your trained Adirondack Mechanical technician will assure the burners are free from insects (yuck!), dust and lint, and debris, will check for leaks, and can catch small problems before they become major issues. Call us at (518) 883-3077 to have your system inspected and serviced today.


Oil-fueled systems are similar, but do require a little more maintenance than gas. An annual service including replacement of the oil burner nozzle (the part that meters out the proper amount of oil to be burned) and oil filter change (to keep the oil clean and prevent burner malfunction) is crucial. Call to schedule your service, and your Adirondack Mechanical technician will check the flue to make sure no animals or birds have blocked the heating system exhaust, and will inspect and clean the flue passageways if necessary. This will keep your oil heating system running as efficiently as possible.


Nothing lasts forever, and even the best equipment has a normal lifespan. Is it perhaps time to consider upgrading your heating system? Adirondack Mechanical can give you a no-obligation free estimate to replace your old, inefficient system with a modern, quiet, reliable and efficient gas furnace from Champion. You may qualify for hundreds of dollars in rebates from National Grid, in addition to tax incentives for installing energy-efficient improvements to your home.

Or maybe you want to upgrade that older hot water boiler with the high efficiency Weil McLain GV90 series cast iron boiler (perfect for older homes with radiators), or a new Lochinvar Knight condensing boiler (so small, it can hang on the wall!)? All-American made, either one vents with plastic pipe so you won’t need your chimney anymore. If you use oil as your heat source, consider the Williamson oil furnace with the lifetime heat exchanger warranty, or the compact and efficient Utica TriFire hot water boiler. Whatever your heating system, Adirondack Mechanical has an efficient option for upgrade and replacement. Give Steve a call at (518) 883-3077 for your free in-home estimate.