Air Conditioning (AC) Repair Services

in Fulton County & Montgomery County


Our trained AC repair specialists can help you maintain and repair the system you have, or replace it completely.

Our factory-trained technicians can provide you with routine periodic inspections, licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs.

You rely on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable when temperatures soar; having no AC in the summer heat isn’t funI! In fact, extreme temperatures can even be dangerous to some – including the elderly.

Some of the most common air conditioning repairs involve:

  • Your thermostat or sensor is not working correctly
  • Filter/dryer replacement
  • ow on refrigerant
  • The motor or compressor may have failed
  • Your air condenser isn’t running
  • Leak testing R22 or R410A
  • Evaporator freezes up
  • AC compressor lockup
  • Low and high pressure problems
  • Electrical components aren’t functioning properly
  • AC Evaporator coil replacement
  • Mice, chipmunks or other rodents have chewed through your wiring
  • Other AC repair issues

It’s important to have an experienced AC repair technician examine your system. Our technicians are proficient in AC repair, and will provide effective and timely service for you. As Fulton County’s largest and most respected mechanical contractor, Adirondack Mechanical Corp. also  offers a complete air conditioning installation service for new construction or to retrofit your existing system.

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To find an AC repair expert in Fulton or Montgomery County, NY at reasonable prices – you don’t have to look far! Our AC repair technicians are ready to provide you with a free estimate today. As always, we provide free estimates to ensure optimal comfort in your home or business. We are confident that our quality, experience and price can’t be beat. Give us a call today at (518) 883-3077 to speak with an Adirondack Mechanical Corp. representative about your air conditioning issues, or submit your request online.

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