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Water Heaters

Adirondack Mechanical is your source for all your hot water needs!
From on-demand water heaters to the largest commercial water heater needs, we carry
  • Rinnai
  • AO Smith
  • State Water Heaters

Electric, Natural Gas, LP Gas, and Fuel Oil

Rinnai On Demand:

     Rinnai offers a line of cutting edge tankless heaters - meaning that water is only heated as it's needed. The tankless design takes up less space, and also saves you money. The longer lasting tankless style heaters prove to be a solid investment over the years.

AO Smith:

      AO Smith offers both residential and commercial water heaters in a variety of styles - anywhere including conventional, tankless, solar, and more. These water heaters come in a variety of sizes, and have warranty options to choose from. Products from AO Smith deliver years of dependable service.

State Water Heaters:

     Manufactured to live up to a high set of standards, State has tested their products in some of the harshest environments. State offers many types of water heaters, all of which will provide you with years of service.

State-Of-The-Art High Efficiency GasCyclone® Rinnai 5.3 GPM Gas Tankless Water HeaterRinnai 5.3 GPM Gas Tankless Water Heater